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Highly recommended resources for recovery:
Follow links to take a sexual addiction test:
Sexual Addiction Screening Test (free)
Partner Sexuality Survey (free)
Sexual Dependency Inventory-Revised (SDI-R): Please contact vdurnillcpc@yahoo.com
12-Step Programs
Excellent Recovery Products
Facing the Shadow - For people just beginning recovery from pornography or sexual addiction.

Facing Heartbreak - A workbook for the partners of sex addicts.  Helpful with setting healthy boundaries and healing from trauma of betrayal.

Facing Addiction - A workbook for those recovering from drug, alcohol, or other addictions.

Recovery Zone - A guide for living within your healthiest limits.

Recovery Start Kit - The best recovery product available.  A Guide for every single day in the first six months of recovery. Of people that committed to this path nearly zero relapsed in the first 180 days.  Lower price available for clients.

Shadows of the Cross - A companion book to Facing the Shadows for Christians.

Mending a Shattered Heart - Very helpful information for partners of sex addicts.
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